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Unexpected vertex editing behavior after dissolve

03-17-2014 01:48 PM
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Greetings all,

I am editing s street centerline feature class for a wall map. Some of the polylines have had the dissolve tool run on them using two attribute fields (the street name and a street type, e.g. "Jones Street" & "Local").

A few minor edits are needed, but when I select the dissolved polylines, I cannot move vertices individually. It moves the entire polyline.

Was the dissolve tool a bad choice? The street centerlines have many attribute fields, but using the dissolve tool reduces the attribute fields to just the name and type, which makes it easier to work with.

Thanks in advance.

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When you click on the line to edit make sure you click 'edit vertices' before moving it around.  I must've done this a dozen times before it finally stuck in my noggin.
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Trish, thanks for the reply!

I should have elaborated on what I'm experiencing. I do set the edit condition for "Edit Vertices", although I do it with a menu icon in a modified Editor Toolbar (Customize / Toolbars / Commands).

Currently, my map is a mix of symbology, some just symbolized, some symbolized and then a Cartographic Representation created for that layer. The inability to edit individual vertices usually occurs when I attempt to do a touch-up edit of a street centerline while in Layout View. The condition occurs randomly, but once it happens, it seems to want to stick around. It can start when I attempt to edit a vertex on either a symbolized layer or a layer with Representation.

The really frustrating part is when I have to stop working on my map altogether. Open a new, blank map and try to edit the centerline vertices in Data View. The inability to edit individual vertices occurs even after I load up just one Feature Class in a blank map!

A restart of my computer usually clears the condition - for a while.

Is anybody else experiencing something like this?