Unarchiving feature class with large attachment table very slow

03-02-2022 07:16 PM
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Using ArcGIS Pro version: 2.8.0
ArcGIS Enterprise Geodatabase version: 10.8

We have a feature class with attachments enabled, which is also set to have Archiving enabled so it can be taken offline. The feature class has roughly 40 thousand records in it and every single record has at least 1 photo attachment of anywhere between 500kb to 1mb in size associated with it. The attachment table is now roughly 40gb's. 

When we want to unarchive this feature class for any reason, usually some type of database administration, we find that it can take 5/6 hours just to Unarchive it. This of course makes even the smallest administration task extremely cumbersome and almost impossible in some of our standard outage windows with our clients.

When doing a direct SQL query through SSMS, to an attachment table that is this large, using "SELECT * FROM [TABLE_X]", the transaction takes an hour or more (have never let it run to completion). As soon as we change the query to include all fields "except" for the Blob/data field in the attachment table, it is virtually instant. I have worked on large attachment tables before (unsure if this large) and have never had a similar issue.

I wonder if this is a new bug introduced in a more recent version or Pro or something? Has anyone else experienced an issue similar to this? Is this expected behaviour?

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