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Tutorial - SDE Geodatabases tutorial.

02-19-2014 11:04 PM
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Hi everyone,

It is about the database versioning.
I have a SDE geodatabase under MS SQL Server 2008 R2 that I need to manage the edits of my different users.
I have been looking on the internet for an esri tutorial document regarding the Database Versioning, but I couldn't find anything
related to it.
Could you please share any detailed documentation at this purpose (10.1 ArcGIS version appreciated)

How to, as a database administrator, create versions of the database and manage user versions in detail (with the detailed steps)?

P.S: I already attended an esri training seminar about the subject for 10.0

Please help !
Thank you in advance
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No tutorial, but I think these resources should help you out:

Data maintenance strategies

A quick tour of versioning

And although older and some of it getting outdated (e.g. ArcSDE Application Server is going on the next major release), these articles may still be of use, especially the 2004 Versioning whitepaper is still highly recommended reading to better understand versioning, even despite 10 years old... Please note that the actual mechanism of versioning basically hasn't changed a lot since then, ESRI mainly added new options relaxing constraints that were issues ten years ago:

ESRI Versioning Whitepaper, 2004

Enterprise Geodatabase 101 - A review of design and key features for GIS managers and database admin... Derek Law, ESRI

Versioning 101
Essential information about ArcSDE geodatabases
By Derek Law, Esri Product Management
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