Trouble Loading ST_GEOMETRY Libraries to Oracle Database Server

12-14-2011 11:44 AM
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I'm setting up a new SDE configuration with a Linux SDE 10 application server and separate Linux Oracle database server.

I followed the directions of moving the library from the SDE installation on the SDE server to the database server. The files were put in the /lib directory of the ORACLE_HOME (Have also tried the ORACLE_HOME directory and the ORACLE_HOME/bin directory).

I ran the CREATE OR REPLACE LIBRARY command in SQL seemingly successfully, and when running 'SELECT library_name, file_spec FROM user_libraries;', it returns the correct path of those libraries on the database server.

When I try to run the pre-requisite check during the SDE Setup, I get the following error:

Checking ST_GEOMETRY configuration setup ...
Current instance is not correctly setup for ST_GEOMETRY configuration.
Unable to determine current version of ST_SHAPELIB
The latest ST_GEOMETRY and dependent libraries need to be copied to the correct software location.

So as I mentioned above I have tried moving the library to different directories in the ORACLE_HOME, played around with file system permissions for the file, etc. with no luck.

I should also note that we tried to upgrade another from a 9.3.1 database using binary storage to 10 using ST_GEOMETRY, and had the same problems.

Am I missing something obvious here? Has anyone had any similar problems when trying to install these libraries?

Thanks in advance...
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Although you placed the .so file in the Oracle Home bin directory, I believe you still have to set up the ExtProc in the listener and tnsnames files.

Check out this link and see if it helps:

That being said, you may not want to put that .so file in the Oracle Home directory.  This seems the same as creating tables in the SYS or SDE schema.

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I'm with Travis on this.  Even if you don't want to install "application software" on the database
machine, you really ought to have a full install of the database extension package on the database
server (if nothing else, you can be sure to patch the DLLs with a single installer, rather than having
to keep track of what was been copied where).  

The proper place for DLLs on Linux is in a "lib" directory.  You should use the ldd utility to confirm
that the can resolve all dependencies (if your Oracle is 64-bt, your ArcSDE lib
must also be 64-bit, or even though it's in the path, it won't be resolved).

If you follow the Linux listener configuration instructions, you should get the listener enabled for
ST_GEOMETRY, but that's only *most* of the battle -- You also need to configure the SQL*Net
on the ArcGIS client (with the same or higher Oracle rev as  the server) so that ArcGIS can find
the ST_GEOMETRY listener extproc.

Even if your database does have ST_GEOMETRY (which doesn't apply to your situation), it's not
strictly necessary for the ST_GEOMETRY listener to be set up correctly for ArcGIS to interact with
the geometries.

- V
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Because of a policy not to install "application software" on the database (Oracle 11g) machine, I am constrained to do a remote install of ArcSDE 10 from Windows (Server 2008) to Linux (Suse Enterprise - 64bit).  We would like to use ST_Geometry.  The ArcSDE 10 Oracle 11g (32 bit) sp 1 "installation" has been done on the Windows machine and the TNS Names file has been configured and I have confirmed that it connects to the Oracle 11g instance on the Linux machine.  It also includes the "extproc" reference that will be needed to access the ST_Geometry library.  Execute privileges have been granted to "public" on dbms_pipe, dbms_lock,dbms_utility,dbms_sql, and utl_raw and the "sde" user has been created with the required permissions.  And, finally, I have my ArcSDE license file ready to go.  In theory, I should be able to do the remote install.  Has anyone tried this? 

My questions are:  Does the (extracted from the Linux installation media) need to be on the Linux machine before the post_installation is run or can it be done after post_installation?  And, what does the setup_st_geometry.exe in the sdehome bin directory do? 

Any advise, tips, or warnings would be much appreciated. 

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Esri Esteemed Contributor
ArcSDE isn't just "application software" -- it's also a database application extension package.
If you don't configure and deploy the application server, it's *only* a database extension.

- V