Topology to automatically move points along with lines

11-21-2014 03:02 PM
New Contributor

My organization is currently considering purchasing an ArcGIS Standard license for the topology features. Here is the situation.


We have a network of thousands of lines. Each line begins and ends on a point. The lines and points are generally overwhelmingly in incorrect locations. When we need to do work in an area we update the points and lines and move them to correct locations.


We are trying to find a way to edit so the points and lines move together to the correct location. Ideally when we move the end vertex on a line all overlapping points would move with the vertex. If we were to move the points then ideally all of the line vertices on that point would move with the point.


I believe, based on my limited experience with topology, that topology rules can be created to detect if a point covers the end of a line. I do not recall if the topology rules can automatically ensure that corresponding point features are automatically moved with the line feature. Due to the large volume of points and lines that need to be moved it is not enough for the topology rule to flag if a point or line is violating this rule - I need for the features to automatically update when something is moved. Is this possible? This would eliminate more than 50% of the work that would need to be performed. Any potential solutions would be appreciated.

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