The version could not be reconciled

05-29-2013 03:00 AM
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Hi All,

We are using Arc 9.3 & ArcSDE with SQL 2008. We are accessing ArcSDE feature class and trying to update the selected features attribute for the field "Oneway" which is having Domains with the following simple code

      ISelection pSelection = pMap.FeatureSelection;
                    IEnumFeature pEnumFeature = pSelection as IEnumFeature;
                    IFeature pFeature = pEnumFeature.Next();
                    while (pFeature != null)
                           pFeature.set_Value(pFeature.Fields.FindField("Oneway"), "FT");    //"FT" is the coded value                     
                        pFeature = pEnumFeature.Next();
After making some modifications while trying to reconcile & post the data..getting error as "The version could not be reconciled. Underlying DBMS error......"

Can some one help me in this regard. Does this error occurring due to the Code or something related to SQL?
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Welcome to the Esri User Forums! 

It is important for initial posts to provide a complete description of your software
environment, which would include the operating system, the exact ArcGIS software
in use (9.3.? SP?), and the exact database (SQL-Server 2008 R? SP?) used with
ArcSDE.  If there is an "Underlying DBMS error" message, it is important that you
include it in the message, as text, so that others may search on your message
to find your solution (images are not searchable).

While not completely off-topic in this forum, ArcObjects questions are better suited
to the ArcObjects forum,

- V
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