Table to Table Unnecessarily Truncates Names

04-10-2020 08:19 AM
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Running arcmap 10.7.1 windows 10 all latest patches etc etc.

I am running this tool:  Standard Toolbox => Conversion Tools => To geodatabase => Table to Table.

My source is a feature class in a file geodatabase (.gdb). 

My output is a .csv file.

This **** tool truncates my field names to 10 characters. Yes, if I were making a .dbf table that truncation would be necessary. There is no such restriction in the length of field names in a .csv, none whatever. So why does it do it? Because  ESRI is not much concerned with the interoperability of their product with others.

This is, once again, typical. This software is on its umpteenth release. This kind of imprecision, lack of attention to detail, lack of desire to dot the i's and cross the t's, lack of motivation to not saddle the user with the burden of working around these issues; this what characterizes  ESRI's software. I swear that every day I use arcmap I run into some new irritation requiring me to interrupt my workflow while I have to code up yes another kluge.

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