support in displaying decimal degree in excel 2013 sheet to UTM projection on ArcMap 10.1

06-11-2016 08:33 AM
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I have currently installed Excel 2013. I do have ArcGIS 10.1 on my machine. When I try to add excel sheet of x,y, z data in excel to ArcMap after exporting, it refused to display on Arcmap. I am a bit worried as how to convert the data to UTM and display it on ArcMap for further processing. So, kindly I need your support.

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the coordinates must be in decimal degrees, not degree minutes seconds and other variants

ensure there are no blank rows ... in fact any blank cells

numbers are right justified, if yours are left, they are probably text.

If none of that twigs anything, post a screen shot of the top 10 or so rows and columns


once it loads in arcmap, give it a defined geographic coordinate system (ie GCS WGS84)

Then you can project it to a new file in UTM

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Dear Dan,


I will do as per your advice and post it as per your advice.



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