Streets Names to Collected Field Data

01-20-2014 08:42 AM
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Good morning every one,

I have a project where I have collected and digitized some access roads for public utilities, the problem I have is that I am no trying trying to add the street names to only the access roads that have been named by bing maps google maps and even tiger roads I have tried the erase tool so that I only have the roads that sit inside of a buffer I made of the collected data that me and my team have collected. but trying to joing the tables using spacial join is not proving useful. and help or ideas would be most use full

Thank You
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Are the access roads only connected at one end of are there more connections?
You could try to also buffer the access roads and then Union ( these with the streets.
Where the two overlap the ID of the road and access roads will be placed in the attribute table (and all other attributes).

Then you could join the street to the full road based on the atribute of the overlapping area and the ID's.
Make shure you check if the ID's of the buffers match the ID's of the lines.

Hope this helps.


Paul Beurskens
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