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.sta and .bnd file type associated with rasters. how to move?

09-04-2015 08:28 AM
New Contributor III

I don't have my raster files for a certain project in a database. (Actually, most of my files aren't, but I'm just focused on one project now) Instead, I have them spread out over 3 directory folders and there are finally so many of them that they are becoming a headache. I wanted to put everything in one folder. I got the .tif and .aux and what not, but there are still .sta and .bnd files in the folders where the files were created and I can't move them. They don't show up in Windows Explorer or on a command line, only in Catalog. How do I get these files to move to the folder I made to collect my rasters? If I click on them in Catalog and try to drag and drop, they don't move. If I create a database, can I collect the files with that?

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