SQL Server geography type imports as standalone table to ArcGIS Pro

04-21-2022 01:23 PM
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I am using ArcPro 2.8.2.  I connected to my SQL Server database.  In ArcMap, I used to drag and drop a SQL table full of line geography types and lines would appear in the map.  In ArcPro, when I add the geography table to the map, all I get is a stand-alone table -- which is pointless.  I have a primary key on the table.  Do I need to do something special for ArcPro to recognize it?

ie.  geography field value:  


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I have similar data in a SQL Server EGDB and when I drag the table onto my map in Pro 2.8.5 I do see the lines. 



I know that's not helpful, but it points to an implication that it can work and we can find a solution.

If you open the table in SQL Server, what data type is your geometry being stored in?


When you right click the table in your Catalog pane and click properties what does it show for Geometry Type and Storage:




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Hello @LisaL,

Are you working with a table or feature class? How was the table originally created?

Have you checked if the table is registered with the geodatabase? See this documentation: Register with Geodatabase (Data Management)

You could also consider using the Migrate Storage geoprocessing tool to change the current geometry type to one more recognizable by ArcGIS Pro such as ST_Geometry. See this documentation: Migrate Storage (Data Management)

If the Migrate Storage option is used, it would be recommended to make a database backup beforehand.



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