SQL Insert & update archived feature class in SQL Server

04-16-2014 12:46 AM
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I'm trying to insert and update features with SQL commands in feature class enabled for archiving in SQL server. I'm trying to follow help instructions in section Geodata / Administering geodatabases / Using SQL. I'm calling INSERT and UPDATE SQL commands directly on archive view, for example BROWNFIELDS_P is table with archived data and BROWNFIELDS_P_EVW is the archived view.

When I try to run SQL command on archived view, INSERT commands seems to be OK. But when I try to UPDATE any row by "WHERE OBJECTID = 0", I get PRIMARY KEY constraint error.

Is it possible to perform INSERT and UPDATE SQL commands directly on archived view or should I use these commands on underlying table and extend there commands with GDB_ARCHIVE_OID, GDB_FROM_DATE and GDB_TO_DATE columns?

Thank you very much for your advice!
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Ever find an answer to this?  I'm trying to do something similar and am wondering how to get the correct records using SQL.

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