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Spatial joins when join fields don't match exactly

08-10-2023 11:43 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hey everyone,

I have a parcels layer and a related table with info (like owners, last sale date, etc).  I need to create a join based on parcel ids.  Here's the problem.  For parcels where there is a Condo (for example), there are multiple units and I need all the records from the info table to join to that parcel.  (sounds easy, but wait...)

My problem is for single unit parcels I have parcel numbers like this: 74-43-43-22-12-008-0010 (dashes are removed in the field, I put them here for clarification).  For condos there is a parcel number like this 74-43-43-22-12-008 (missing four digits at the end) and then each unit will be something like 74-43-43-22-12-008-0001, 74-43-43-22-12-008-0002, 74-43-43-22-12-008-0003 etc...

If I join my INFO table by Parcel ID the Condo parcels with fewer digits have no matches.  I need to do something like this:

If (first 13 digits of PID in join table match first 13 digits of PID in target table) join the records.  So I would have a one-to-one for single units and a one-to-many for condos and town homes, etc.

Is there anyway to join this way?  I am not afraid to use Python Script or Arcade if it will get the job done.  And I cannot alter the tables to add a new field to use as join.


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