Show code instead of Domain description in ArcCatalog for a specific FC column

03-11-2021 07:43 AM
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Good morning,

We have a request from an user who is looking for a way to see the code instead of the description in a field or fields in a FC that are associated with domains.

Some users  are more familiarized wit codes, and when they use  the column in ArcMAp, it shows the code too, to make a join with another FC or table.

Is there a way to show  a FC in ArcCatalog that uses domains with the code instead of description from the domain?





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Would it also work if you add the code as a prefix in the description? That would enable the users to see the code as a part of the description.

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How To: Display coded value domains and subtype codes instead of descriptions (

same in Catalog, Customize -> ArcCatalog Options -> tables - same checkbox