Setting up/Creating a geocoded database using address, city, state, and zipcode

05-31-2016 02:03 PM
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Hey everyone,


So as a side project, I have a database of clients that I want to put on a map so that all clients on the database will be placed at their corresponding locations. I have set up the database by address, city, state, and zipcode. I'm not entirely sure on the way to approach this. Since it will be a database that will be updated as time goes on, I wanted to eventually automate it to allow my coworkers to access this geocoded database via interactive map or application and add new locations. The database is roughly 600 rows of data on an excel file with multiple tabs (by state). I know this may be a vague question so please feel free to ask me questions that are pertinent to helping answer this question.


In all, my end goal is to create an interactive web map and application that will enable someone to type in the office name, address or any other available attribute and display it on a map. The image I have in my head is similar to what Google does when you search for a location on GoogleMaps.


Thanks for any and all help!

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I have a few questions and comments...

  1. Are you creating your own address locator to geocode the customers and offices in the spreadsheet?
    1. If you did you could use the General - Gazetteer locator style to build an address locator to search for office name, Dual Range or Single House style to search for addresses, then combine the two into a composite locator that could be published as a geocode service that the web app can use.
  2. Will you be using the World Geocoding Service and an ArcGIS Online subscription for geocoding the addresses?
  3. You would need a geocode service to be able to have the web application make REST calls to the geocode service and return matches for the address.
  4. What are you going to use to host the web map (app)?
  5. Is the database part of an enterprise geodatabase?
  6. What licence of ArcGIS Desktop do you have? You maybe able to make use of the dynamic feature class mentioned at step 7 in this help topic, Geocoding a table of addresses in ArcMap—Help | ArcGIS Desktop . This would require that the table (database) of addresses and the geocode result be stored in the same geodatabase as a composite relationship class between the table and output feature class is created when the dynamic feature class option is selected. The idea is that if the input address table is updated within ArcGIS Desktop manually or pragmatically that the address will get automatically geocoded and added to the output feature class in the geodatabase.