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Set data source doesn't work

02-06-2020 07:10 AM
New Contributor


I downloaded a layerfile from arcgis online but it won't seem to open. Everytime I try to open the file in arcmap, the program says it can't find the file. I have connected the map where the file currently is stored to ArcCatalog. 

Now the problem is that everytime I try to set the data source to the map I have connected to ArcCatalog it won't change. 

I am pretty new to GIS, but usually adding layerfiles to arcmap goes without problems. Does anyone have any tips?

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Esri Contributor

Do you know how the layer file was created (Pro vs ArcMap)? What is the extension on the layer file? If it is .lyrx, then it was created in ArcGIS Pro and Layer files saved from ArcGIS Pro cannot be used in ArcMap. 

Save To Layer File—Data Management toolbox | Documentation 

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