SDE layer fails to draw

10-02-2014 12:31 AM
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I have setup ArcSDE 10.1 on postgres 9.0 and added some shapefiles with shp2sde. When I try to add the layer to the map panel of ArcMap 10.1 I get the following error message :


One or more layers failed to draw: sde.sde.medford_streets:  Invalid SQL syntax [ERROR:  syntax error at or near "." LINE 1: ...ord_streets.geom  , sde.medford_streets. from  sde.sde.medfo...                                                              ^ ::SQL state: 42601] [sde.sde.medford_streets] ---


Has anyone encountered this problem? I found this (NIM081670 - Data imported into SDE using the 'shp2sde' command.. ), but I do not have the license required for the Register with Geodatabase tool. So any other solutions or suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!

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Yes, looking at the error message, you seem to be hitting that Bug.

What license level of ArcGGIS Desktop do you have? If it is Advanced or Standard, you can use the GP tools to import that shapefile into the enterprise gdb.

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