SDE exportation to gdb or other formats

11-12-2015 01:43 AM
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   We have a SDE database and we want to export its data to gdb format, without using the Geodatabase extension.

   If this is not possible, we want to know what formats like KML or similar is possible to export the data and how to do it.

   We are using ESRI 10.0 and we dont want to move to another version

   Thank you

Best regards

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Have you tried creating a new fgdb and then just using copy and paste in ArcCatalog?  Or is it that you no longer have access to your SDE data in Catalog?

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Hi Chris,

If I understand you post correctly you want to do the following:

1. Export data from an enterprise geodatabase into a file geodatabase.

2. You do NOT want the file geodatabase folder that holds the data to contain the ".gdb" extension, correct?

3. You only are willing to use ArcGIS 10.0 for this process.

Some follow up questions:

A. Why do not want to the exported geodatabase data to have the extention?

B. What is your ultimate goal with the exported data?

Please let me know if I misunderstood your post. I am adding a few other groups to gain a little more visibility.


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--- George T.
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Hi George,

First of all, thanks a lot for your answer.

According to your post numeration:

1. We have an application that uses ESRI 10.0 standard  dlls. We create iFeatures in this aplication that are stored in a SDE Database. We want to export this iFeatures from the Database into a Geodatabase format.

2. We want to have exactly the .gdb folder with its files like in any other data exportation to gdb format.

3. Our code in our application was developed using ESRI 10.0. And we can not recode everything with another version.

a) We don't want to use the functionality of the Geodatabase extension ArcGIS Engine | Extensions (the third one of the link).

b) The exported data we will be imported in other SDE, using another independant tool of our client. We are not related to this third tool. Our client want to use the Geodatabase format from ESRI.

Please let me know any doubt you still having

Best regards

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