SDE Compression End State Count Issue

03-14-2017 05:24 AM
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For the past few months I've been having an issue getting my SDE Compression End State Count down to "1".  It acts like there are connections but I've checked everything I can think of but it won't go any lower than 5. Any suggestions?

I've attached a screenshot for reference.

Screenshot of SDE Compression Log

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  Do you have a replica based on this database (check the sde.SDE_versions table)? What does your sde.SDE_state_locks and sde.SDE_table_locks look like? See who is the owner of state 5 in your sde.SDE_states table and then check that machine for a hung ArcMap.exe or ArcCatalog.exe

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Interesting, I have never paid much attention to that value in the compress_log.  We have SQL, and I run a few selects in Management Studio where I track things.  In case this gives you any clues:

use mysde_database
select name, owner, version_id, state_id, parent_name, parent_owner from [mysde_database].[dbo].[SDE_versions]
select * from  [mysde_database].[dbo].[SDE_versions]
select * from [mysde_database].[dbo].[SDE_states] order by state_id
select * from [mysde_database].[dbo].[sde_state_lineages] order by lineage_name, lineage_id
/* now I've added */
select TOP(5) * from [mysde_database].[dbo].[SDE_compress_log] order by compress_end DESC‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

I also use the "hack" install the old GDBT toolset to view the version-Lineage within Catalog. 

edit: use SQL syntax highlighter and added TOP(5) to last line, to limit number of records returned from the compress_log query.

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Please check the following:

1)From sde_version table check if there are any existing version? 

 If any version represents, reconcile and post all the edits and delete the version.

 If sync_send version is present then from ArcCatalog, unregister the replica.

2)From sde_process_information table check if any user is connected to the geodatabase? 

3)Shut down the map services, if any.

4)Check below tables if any lock exist:


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