Same Street Name and Street Type

04-17-2013 08:14 AM
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ArcGIS 10.0 SP4 Build 4000
WIndows 7 32bit SP1
Locator and address reference file both stored in FGDB locally

I am using the "US Address - Single House with Units" locator (from here: which we modified for our use (removed Street Type aliases when needed), and have come upon a situation that I hope I can find some guidance on.

We have some street names (ex. - Parkway Dr) that match a Street Type alias (ex. - "Parkway"), so my initial action was to remove "Parkway" from the Street Type alias in the locator file.  This was a temporary fix as a search using "Parkway" as the Street Type comes up empty (ex. - Village Center Parkway) compared to using the abbreviated version of "Parkway" (ex. - Village Center Pkwy) which finds a match.  This has recently come up as we are refining our process to provide a more "catch-all" search for our users.  Note: this could be done using a Composite Locator but a requirement of this particular project is that one is not used.

My question:  Is it possible to modify the locator to achieve the goal of having the same Street Name and Street Type within a single locator file?  If so, would it be to modify the Street Name aliases or something else?
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Is this still an issue if using ArcGIS Desktop version 10.3+ and the US Address - Single House Subaddress style to build the address locator?

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We are running 10.2.2 currently, but I massaged the locator to a point where it works for our requirements.  When we do upgrade to 10.3+ then I'll respond with detail related to the locator.

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