Revit Object Properties

10-21-2013 07:30 AM
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I'm trying to get our buildings room/space information out of Revit and into our GIS.  Our room identifiers are stored as object properties in Revit and not as annotation.  However none of the export formats seem to be retaining the object properties when they are brought into ArcGIS.  I'm using DI extension.  If I use DWF I can see the object properties in Design Review, but they are no where to be found in the DWF in ArcGIS.  I can see the features, but there are no supporting attributes.  If I export to an IFC, the object properties come thru as a table only in ArcGIS.  That would be fine if there were an ID field to join to the geometry data that also comes through with the line and poly layers, but alas there isn't.  I'm at a loss.  Is anyone able to get their object properties out of Revit and into ArcGIS?  How are you doing it? (3rd party export utilities, other export formats, some setting in Revit)  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Unfortunately, ESRI tech support was unable to provide any suggestions.
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