Reproject coordinates without building a geometry object

12-05-2016 05:15 AM
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Is it possible with arcpy to reproject single x,y coordinates without building a complete geometry object. For instance is it possible to do something like this

input = [[-8081441,5685214], [-8081446,5685216], [-8081442,5685219], [-8081440,5685211], [-8081441,5685214]]
output = [arcpy.A_Reproj_Fn((coord[0], coord[1]), source_SR, dest_SR) for coord in input]

I have huge arrays of coordinates to reproject, but for performance issue I dont want to build a geometry object before reprojecting.

Thank you for any suggestion!

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The projection engine will need geometries.

You could do this in python using geometry method .projectAs or just use the normal features of ArcMap.

You could add all your points (if that is what they are), in the source SR, then change the data frame to the target SR, then add those coordinates as attributes back to the original points.