Replica changes from a different Geodatabase

01-21-2019 11:49 AM
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Hi Everyone,

I have an interesting question. We created a one-way replica from GISA > PubA Database. However, we got a different Geodatabase GISB with the Delta changes. Now we would like to understand can we synchronize delta changes from GISB> PUBA Database considering it has exactly the same feature classes to the GISA Geodatabase. 

GlobalIDs are there in both GISA and GISB Database.



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No. A replica needs to be established between the two geodatabases, for you to have the ability of synchronizing data between them.

As per my understanding....If you create a Replica between them now, that will be inconsistent as one geodatabase has more data already and it will not be considered as a change after the Replica was established.

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