Renaming A File GDB

09-09-2016 02:46 PM
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Has anyone else experienced problems with creating a file geodatabase clicking off of the FGDB and then trying to rename it and receive an error stating:

"Rename Failed - Failed to rename selected object(s) - General function failure"

Experiencing the issue and have tracked it down to the McAfee anti virus that is installed on the server.

If you wait a few minutes you can rename the FGDB - but sometimes it will still throw the error.

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Rick, just an fyi,my case number for my issues is

#01817674   Unable to rename File geodatabase with the help of a python script

The issue was a timing issue, with the gdb getting locked for just long enough to stop the script. Adding a delay into the script resolved the issue.

And although for that script (#1 of 😎 is did appear to be fixed, I'm realizing now, and because of this thread, that it isn't fixed. 

I still don't know if my issues are caused by our McAfee or not, but it is getting to be a big enough issue for me that I'm going to open another ticket (that one can't be reopened).  Continual corrupt fgdb's with locked files is my frustration.

But I'm also going to check with our IT re: the McAfee.  Unfortunately, I don't have the 3-week comparison, since after my initial issue was fixed with the time.sleep, it wasn't until last week working on this script (#8 of 😎 that I really haven't found a workaround. 

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Rebecca - I know it is McAfee - we uninstalled it from the server and retested - no issues at all

We did determine the locking time varies from 1.5 to 9 minutes

We also tried exclusions / whitelists to no avail

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Hi Rick, I think I've solve my issue, and although it probably won't solve yours, it may help someone else down the line searching for this title.  Whether mine was a McAfee issue is still unknown, but I do know that the commands thought they finished before whatever was causing the lag released locks on files.  My main thing was that I needed to add a time.sleep(30) after I stopped my AGS services and after several other steps. 

Just for kicks, these are the functions I added:

import time
import arcpy
def myMsgs(message):

def mySleep(secs):
     myMsgs("     zzz...sleeping {0} seconds to allow network file status to catch up....".format(secs))

# then to have it sleep for X seconds, e.g. 30

Mine is in a script, and deals with services and other things, so probably won't help you, but hopefully you will find a resolution.  Sorry I semi-hijacked your thread....same issue.different reason.

BTW - you may want to move this thread to a location other than Community Help --- just noticed that's were it is.  Community Help is a generic location for help on geonet, in theory.  The structure and a link on how to move can be found      I would maybe recommend‌ or‌ as options.  And by '@' mentioned them here, I just tagged them.  More users will see it now and may give you other feedback.

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If I was running a script yes - in my case it is manually making a FGDB and then renaming it - I create FGDB all the time on the fly as work spaces and when I am tinkering with data I will move data into the FGDB and then go to rename it because oft times I get in a hurry and don't rename the FGDB when I create it hence I get several "New File Geodatabase.gdb" files created - then think oh rename so I can keep track of what scratch workspace has what data.

As I said before unloading McAfee from the server and testing totally got rid of the issue - we are going to try a few more exclusions tomorrow and do some testing with those.

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What puzzles me is if the destination is the network drive on the server and the software is running on my workstation how would excluding those files listed on the server have any effect?

Testing proved it is the server side McAfee causing the issue

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This has been driving me nuts for months.  Right-click --> New -->  FGDB gets you "New File Geodatabase.gdb".  Who wants to keep that name?  

Has anyone contacted McAfee about this?  What is the resolution?

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