Remove a layer from an .mxd in ArcCatalog?

12-16-2013 12:52 PM
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I just switched to 10.2 for Desktop about a month ago and we had an SDE server change at just about the same time.  One of the issues is that most of the layers on the SDE server were re-named at the same time and the others were just dropped so it is not as easy as a reset data source in all cases.  We are not going to buy a Bing map license so I can't get into files that contain that layer anymore either.  When an mxd contains something off of our old SDE server or a Bing map it just locks up and will not load.  I quit after 30 minutes one day.  I know that I can reset the data source for the layers that were on the SDE server, but I can't remove the Bing layer.  What I would really like is a tool that would remove any of the layers from an mxd within ArcCatalog.  Does anyone know if this is possible?  If not is there a work around to remove the Bing layers from old mxd's that contain it without buying a license?  Thanks!
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You can try using Python script. Post your question in Python forum.
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