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Relica Log: no entry for replica creation?

11-04-2014 08:22 AM
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Working with ArcGIS 10.1 one-way SDE-to-GDB replication here; I just noticed something new regarding replica logging. We've been using change synchronization, checking the log for success after each iteration. With a workflow revision, we're using one-time one-way logs, creating a "fresh" replica each time, so that metadata changes are also replicated (metadata, by design, isn't updated during replica synchronization).


After creating a new replica, I checked the log for success: there were no entries at all. I suspected a bad replica; trying again, I verified creation of a new "fresh" (not synched) replica; again, no entries in the log file. Switching the Geodatabase Options "Log level" to "Detailed" did not change this behavior.


In each case, if I synchronized these replicas, a log entry was added, reporting "Success" for a "Sent Changes" event.


Is this normal behavior: no event logging for replica creation?




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