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Relationship Class: Origin is a Table (non spatial)

11-14-2019 07:04 PM
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I have a scenario where I am receiving non-spatial data in tabular form. I have imported this data into ArcSDE as a SDE Table. The table is named Incident_Details structure contains columns: Incident_ID (Global ID would be used in the Prod scenario), Description

I would like to represent the records within this table spatially via a Relationship Class. 

I have then created a point Feature Class named Incident_Point within the same ArcSDE database with just one column: Incident_ID (Related_Global ID would be used in the Prod scenario) plus Shape, OBJECTID

I have then created a Relationship Class with the following details-

Name: Incident_Rel_Class

Type: Simple

Cardinality: One to Many (so many points can be related the one incident)

Origin: Incident_Details (non spatial Table) with Primary Key = Incident_No (Global ID would be used in the Prod scenario)

Destination: Incident_Point (point feature class) Incident_No as Foreign Key (Related_Global ID would be used in the Prod scenario)

Suppose the Incident_Details (non spatial Table) has just one record with Attributes: Incident_No = 999, Description =  First incident
I want to now be able to open both the Incident_Details table and Incident_Point within ArcMap and Create a new point that has a relationship with the Incident_Details record where Incident_No = 999. I do not want to do this by manually entering Foreign Key Incident_No = 999 for the newly created point.

I want to be able to start with the record within ArcMap in the Incident_Details table, click it and 'Create new related record'. IE via a right click within the attribute table and 'Create new related record':

  • This process is being designed for a non-technical user who does not have the skills to accurately relate the records my manually entering the relationship dependent Incident_No
  • Ideally the data will be published as a feature service (non-hosted) and the user will create the related point in an AGOL web map (so hoping AGOL might have this ability as well as ArcMap as I note above)
  • Obviously there are many ways to combine spatial and non-spatial in ArcMap/ESRI etc but this Relationship Class form would be the basis of a most automated process within the organisation

This question may be redundant because as far as I am aware the functionality I envisage does not exist within the ArcMap-ArcGIS Server or AGOL environment.

I have good experience where the Origin is a spatial feature class within a Relationship Class but not where the Origin is a non-spatial table.

If anyone has any insight into this query that would be great.



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