Relationship Class - Cannot Create Rules

08-10-2012 09:17 AM
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Hello Everyone,

Environment: Enterprise Level ELA, SQL Server, 10.0

We created a relationship class that involves a spatial view(origin) and a standalone table(destination). The relationship class has a cardinality of one-to-many. Both the spatial view and the table have subtypes. I am having trouble creating relationship rules. I can access the rules tab within the relationship class' properties. Within that tab, I am able to check/uncheck the boxes next to the various subtypes. What I cannot do is set the Origin or Destination cardinality. Both of these sections are grayed out.

Anyone have an idea of what is going on? I am the owner of both the spatial view and the table. The spatial view has been registered with SDE. Both the spatial view and table have a unique ID field. I've attached screenshots of the relationship class properties general tab and rules tab.

I would like to limit the relationship to only include specific subtypes within the destination table.

Any advice / guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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