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Reclassify tool changes output projection?

10-18-2016 11:43 AM
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I have a raster file of the national land cover data set which I have in the NAD_1983_Great_Lakes_Basin_Albers projection. When I used the reclassify tool to reclassify my file into four broad categories the output the reclassify tool created was correct however it was in a different projection (NAD_1983_Albers), which after some research I found shouldn't be a projection ArcGIS supports? I attempted this reclassification again and this time I went into the environment settings and set the output projection to NAD_1983_Great_Lakes_Basin_Albers, unfortunately the output had been changed to NAD_1984_Albers again. Does anyone know why this might be? where I can find information on NAD_1983_Albers? or how to prevent the reclassify tool from changing the projection of the output created? 


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by any chance is the data you reclassifying in a dataframe that has a different projection than the data?  If so, create a new dataframe, movve the file you wish to reclassify into it, then do the reclassification.  The first file added to a dataframe sets the projection of the dataframe.  reclassification cannot change the projection, but you can specify whether outputs are to use the coordinate system of the data or the data frame.  Another good reason not to mix and match data in different coordinate systems and projections.