Raster Wireframe Not Displaying Until Zoomed In/Other RMD issues

04-18-2020 09:57 AM
by Anonymous User
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I am adding .sids to a raster mosaic dataset in ArcMap 10.6.1 and am having some difficulty. I'm going county by county and when I come to this particular county (Hardee), the rasters are added, but I am unable to see them like I can see the other counties until I zoom in: 



It also appears that the rasters are not added to the attribute table -- I am only able to see them in the attribute table if I select them on the map, which is quite frustrating. When I add them at first, they do not have MinPS or MaxPS values, so I have to manually select them and then use the Field Calculator to set those values. The image does display when I zoom in, but I'm concerned about how this will affect my overviews when I finally get to building them. If the overviews fail, I pretty much have to start over and I'm already having to add these county by county (67 counties) since I get random errors if I try to add too many at a time. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!! 

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