Raster Dataset quality compared to Mosaic Dataset

11-23-2011 02:28 AM
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If I load a 1Bit Raster to a Mosaic Dataset (8Bit) the result looks totally different to a Rasterdatset which is loaded to Raster Dataset with the Option �??Convert 1 Bit data to 8 Bit�?�. The Mosaic Dataset just looks like the original Image. Is there a special stretch or something else which is usesd when I check �??Convert 1 Bit data to 8 Bit�?�? Does anyone know the workflow to get the same result in a Mosaic Dataset.

Especially when I zoom to scales which use the Overviews the result of the Raster Dataset looks much better (Screenshots attached)

I tried different interpolation and compression, stretch algorithms with no comparable result.

Is there an official workflow to load 1 Bit Raster to a Mosaic Dataset?
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PS: attached a comparison image
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