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Question about Table data.

03-22-2017 02:22 PM
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I have a table that consist of soil information and i worked on them to add the Map Unit and their Map Unit Name...

So when I review them and I found a few of Map Unit has the same numbers but they have map unit names is different. How can I make these table to join with  my file geodatabase  ?

In the past I have done with "Join" Tables a lot based on the same field name.

But I am not sure how to do this, because when I ran this on a join table with the File Geodatabase and ran a count of summary statics. This is what I found this:

The layer I have is in File Geodatabase.  The table I worked on came from MS Excel 2013; however, when I exported it. I save it to the same File Geodatabase as the layer.

Edit:  After I post this, I went back and review the table and I found about 18 of them.  If anyone has no solution to this or have confront the same situation as I am in then  I have another solution to this if I don't hear from anyone.


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