Query layer fails even when MSSQLServer succeeds

02-02-2015 05:41 AM
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Hi all,

I have problem with a query layer. I have a table with a geography column in my SQL Server 2012. I defined a query layer over that table and even though MSSQL has no problem showing me the shape and spatial results, ArcMAP insists that the shape is invalid saying "The specified coordinate exceeds the valid coordinate range". Any help is much appreciated!


The version of ArcGIS is 10.2.1 and the shape is a regular short LINESTRING


Thanks in advance, Alex.

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I am having the same issue with my query layers.  SQL query has no issue finding the appropriate data.  AM struggled to return the query properly.  Fix has been inconsistent.  First was to return only a selection of records:

select TOP 10000 * from (select * from
JRS_Farm_Fields.dbo.LL_GVF_CropDetail_Model_Boundary  where Year = '2015')
a order by Est_Harvest_Date

then we resorted to select * from
JRS_Farm_Fields.dbo.LL_GVF_CropDetail_Model_Boundary  where Year = '2015'

We are using SQL Server 2012 and AGS 10.3.  We have found that although our DT is 10.3 - on our 10.2 server - this is not an issue.

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