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Python 3 Upgrade and Synchronizing Replicas Issue

09-08-2023 08:06 AM
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I'm in the process of upgrading all of our automated data maintenance Python scripts from 2.7 to 3.x. In our current setup, we have two cases where the parent SDE GDB has a geometric network in one more more dataset, but the child replicas do not. Syncing works fine in 2.7, but in 3.x, I get the following error message:

ERROR 003131: Replicas containing geometric networks, parcel fabrics, or cadastral fabrics are not supported

Has anyone else had an issue using on an existing replica when running the tool in Python 3?

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ArcGIS Pro 3.1 - ERROR 003131: Replicas containing geometric networks, parcel fabrics, or cadastral ...

Some data types are not supported for replication. The data in Geodatabase 1 includes one of the following unsupported types: geometric network, parcel fabric, or cadastral fabric.

Remove the unsupported dataset and create the replica again.


ArcGIS Pro 3.1 Geodatabase Replication Documentation
Geodatabase replication fundamentals

Prepare data for replication

Replication with advanced geodatabase datasets

"Geometric networks are read-only and are not supported in a replica created in ArcGIS Pro; this includes any feature classes that participate within the geometric network."

ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap & ArcCatalog) Geometric Network is deprecated in ArcGIS Pro and customers need to migrate from the Geometric Network to ArcGIS Pro Trace Networks (Network Datasets) or ArcGIS Pro Utility Network.

Geodatabase Replication also has limitations for Trace Networks and Utility Networks.

Replication with advanced geodatabase datasets

When replicating network datasets and terrains, only the feature classes used to build these data structures can be replicated. The actual terrain data structures, terrain, and network datasets are not replicated. For feature classes that participate in a network dataset or terrain to be replicated, they must be registered as versioned and meet data requirements for replication. You can rebuild the terrain or network dataset in the child replica's geodatabase after replica creation.

Utility networks use branch versioning exclusively; therefore, utility networks are not supported in geodatabase replicas.


Replication and geodatabase compatibility



Introduction to distributed data

Feature service sync vs. geodatabase replication

Taking a map offline using the feature service sync capability copies data from a web service (feature service) to a local mobile geodatabase, whereas geodatabase replication uses enterprise and file geodatabases. The key benefit of taking a map offline using feature service sync capabilities is the ability to synchronize data multiple times versus the checkout geodatabase replica type, where changes can be synchronized only once.

Take a map offline with feature service sync capability

The sync capability available for ArcGIS Server feature services and hosted feature layers allows you to take feature layers offline in a web map that is configured for offline use. When the data is taken offline, the layers reference a local copy of the data. This allows you to make edits and complete your work without the requirement to be connected to the network. Once network availability is restored, you can upload your local edits.

When you enable sync on a feature service (feature layer), you can also use it in a distributed collaboration.

Before you publish an ArcGIS Server feature service to be used offline, you must configure the data to meet offline requirements.

Feature service replicas

Feature service replicas provide the mechanism that allows you to synchronize offline feature layers with the source data. The feature service replica receives edits made offline that are subsequently synchronized to the source feature layer. During synchronization, the feature service replica also receives the edits made in the source feature layer and makes them available to the feature layer that was taken offline.

When you take ArcGIS Server feature service data offline, a feature service replica is always created.


Depending on the data present in the feature service and the options used when you publish the service, a replica version may also be created and associated with the feature service replica. To learn more about scenarios when a replica version is created, see Prepare data for use in offline feature


ArcGIS Pro 2.7 - Replication with advanced geodatabase datasets
Geometric networks are read-only and are not supported in a replica created in ArcGIS Pro; this includes any feature classes that participate within the geometric network.
ArcGIS Pro 2.7 Replication and geodatabase compatibility


I hope this helps.

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