Problems with saving edited features.

11-19-2014 03:10 AM
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Hello all,


I have a problem with saving edited features. If I edit shape or the attributes and I click save, there will be a message stating "your edits can't be saved". This error is generated because there are other persons working on the same database. If I click save edits once more it shows me the edits have been saved. After stopping the editing session and closing ArcMap saving the changes, if I reopen it the problems start to appear. First, the previous edited changes are not saved completely. This is a selective save because some changes saved, some didn't. For example I splitted a line feature and modified the attributes, saved and closed ArcMap. After reopening splited segments were fine but their attributes were the same as before changing them. Also, the problem is not general. By this I mean that some changes are saved correctly, some are not saved at all. As an example if I edit two features one will save correctly, the other one won't.


Does anyone have any ideas for explaining this behaviour?


Thank you!

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