Problem with Tile Package Kreator

11-23-2017 02:11 AM
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I created a tile package by using the Tile Package Kreator (Version 1.2.20) and by following all the steps described in the feature guide. The export complete Statuses have all been positive, no matter if I uploaded it on ArcGIS online or downloaded it to a local file, and no matter which parameters I defined for the tile package. If I try now to open the tile package in ArcMap I get an empty layer as result. If I try to open it in ArGIS Pro I get the error message “failed to add data”. And if I try to open it in Survey123 I don’t see the tile package either.

Did this happen to anyone before, any ideas which mistake I’m making?

Thanks for your help.

Kind regards, E.

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According to the recommendation posted here

you should rreally address your concern to the GitHub repo with technical issues should you want a more speedy .

They also have a notice of the limitations on the first link I posted

The aim of Tile Package Kreator is to simplify the creation of Tile Packages from existing tiled services. In some cases, you may want to combine multiple basemaps and even burn additional operational layers into the basemap.  This is not possible with Tile Package Kreator, but you can do all these things with the Create Map Tile Package Geoprocessing  Tool in ArcGIS Desktop.
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