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03-11-2015 02:32 PM
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New to GIS--


I'm trying to import an excel document that has addresses of building addresses (not a range, but specific buildings) and use it with census shapefiles.


I first import the excel document, after editing it, into arcmap and then try and great an address locator in arc catalog but every time I try and create the address locator, I get an error message. I've tried re-editing and formatting the document, I've tried creating a separate table for aliases, etc. but have not come up with anything to fix the problem.


Additionally, in arc map when I click on geocode this address, I only see two servers that I can connect with, not the US street code. How do I connect to the latter?



I attached some images that might explain the issue, both in arc map (for geocoder) and in arc catalog (for address locator).


For the address locator issue, I've also tried including a separate alias table from a separate excel spreadsheet, but to no avail.

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It looks like you've  got a couple wires crossed.  The process of geocoding simply transforms an address that we humans understand into a pair of coordinates a gis understands.  Your table has the addreses you wish to transform: you need to match them against some kind of spatial data be it points, lines, or polygons. 

I  suggest you take a look at the geocoding help and or the tutorial for a complete description of the process.

That should just about do it....
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It sounds to me like you don't need to build an address locator.  You want to use Esri's locator in order to geocode a list of addresses.  If you do want to build your own locator you need to have reference data which depends on how you want to geocode.  It could be street centerlines, landmarks, parcels etc.  Basically whatever census shapefiles you are referring to.   

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