Problem when I try to compress the geodatabase

03-25-2019 06:32 AM
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Hi, please some help, I can't compress the enterprise geodatabase, 

Executing: Compress "C:\ConexionesSDE\SDE@sgtc - PRODUCCION.sde"

Start Time: Mon Mar 25 08:54:41 2019

ERROR 999999: Error executing function.

Underlying DBMS error [ORA-29876: fallo al ejecutar la rutina ODCIINDEXDELETE

ORA-00600: código de error interno, argumentos: [kcbzwfcro_2], [353594], [1], [32768], [8], [], [], [], [], [], [], []

ORA-06512: en "SYS.DBMS_SQL", línea 1825

ORA-06512: en "SDE.SPX_UTIL", línea 2081

ORA-06512: en "SDE.ST_DOMAIN_METHODS", línea 2253


Failed to execute (Compress).

Failed at Mon Mar 25 09:00:12 2019 (Elapsed Time: 5 minutes 30 seconds)

Some help please!!

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Also check the content of the Direct Connect log file for any more details available..

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Right, per Asrujit's comment in reference to the other question, I was going to ask what versions you are using?

Version of Enterprise Gdb being compressed?

Version of ArcDesktop being used to run the compress?

Also, when was your last successful compress (if ever)?

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The problem was solved, with the  content of the Direct Connect log, the problem was a lock state.

Thanks for your help, regards,


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