Problem saving Buffer Wizard output to existing layer.

09-24-2013 05:43 PM
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Hello all,

Just wondering if anyone had a similar problem in the past and whether you may have ever found a solution. I want to create a buffer of pipes using the buffer wizard tool.

Everything works as expected when I save my output to a new layer (shapefile) or as a graphic layer.
I then created a new feature class in a dataset on our sde as this will be an ongoing project and I wanted to store them all in this specific dataset for safe keeping. However when I try to save to an existing editible layer nothing appears as an output. To clarify the new layer (lets call it 'pipe buffer layer') appears on the drop down list and I can select it as my choice. I then click finish and the screen then blinks and thinks for a moment as if to say it is creating buffers but nothing ever appears on screen. On closer inspection nothing is populated in the layer attribute table either.

I have also tested this using the other available polygon layers fromt the drop down list and again the same result - nothing. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what may be goign wrong? My target layer in teh editor window is this 'pipe buffer layer' and the task has been test as both 'Create ArcFM Feature' and 'Create New Feature' simply to iliminate this as the cause of any error.

I am running ArcEditor 9.2 along with ArcFM solution

Thanks for any help you can give.
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