Problem in Service {esri_sde} in ArcSDE 10.2

09-05-2013 12:51 AM
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Dear Colleagues,
I need your help in finding a solution to this topic, I've installed packege ArcGIS 10.2 include {Desktop, Server and SDE}.


ArcGIS Desktop 10.2 for "windows".
ArcGIS Server 10.2 for "windows".
ArcGIS SDE for Oracle 10g {Oracle "x86"}.
--My windows: Win7 x64.

The problem lies in the ArcSDE settings.
Here's image problem:confused:

I hope to find a solution
Sincerely 😉
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Original User: vangelo

Welcome to the Esri Forums!

All initial queries should include a complete description of the problem -- What software
you are using (including version details on databases), what procedure you are following,
what steps you have taken, and what error messages resulted (as text, in the body of
the message
).  Screenshots are generally ignored, so if that's the only place where
your error exists, your chance of receiving an answer is greatly reduced.

Before posting a new message, you should always search on the text of the error message,
to see if the question has been asked before, and what the previous solution(s) have been.
Even if this doesn't solve your problem, this will still give you a better idea of what information
was deemed necessary and useful, so you can augment your post with that sort of information.

A search on "arcsde started stopped" returns a score of posts.  It's a Windows error, and it's
among the least useful messages ever generated, since it has nothing to do with the problem.

There are a number of missing pieces to your puzzle:

  • What version of Oracle are you using?  (10.2.x.y.z notation)  What is the application wordsize

  • (32-bit/64-bit)?
  • Is Oracle installed on the same server, or a remote one?  If remote, what version of the

  • 64-bit Oracle Client do you have installed locally (again, full version notation)?
  • Have you used the Create Enterprise Geodatabase tool against the Oracle instance?

  • Did it succeed?
  • Can you create Direct Connect connection to the instance?

  • What does 'sdeservice -o list' return?

  • What is the contents of the dbinit.sde file in SDEHOME\etc?

  • What error messages are in the logfiles in SDEHOME\etc?

- V

PS: There is no such product as "ArcGIS SDE for Oracle 10g {Oracle 'x86'}" -- ArcSDE has
not supported 32-bit application servers for two releases now.
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