Problem importing xml file with attachments

06-19-2014 08:51 AM
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I working with a SDE database with a feature dataset that has 6 or 7 feature classes that have documents attached to them via 'Attachments.' In order to periodically back-up the database, export it to the client and eventually move it to a new server. I am exporting the feature classes with 'Attachments' using the 'Export XML Workspace' and 'Import XML Workspace' tool in ArcToolbox to move them to a file geodatabase.

The feature classes that have a small number of attached documents are exporting and importing fine, however, one particular feature class has a large amount of attached documents. This feature exports fine but it will not let me import the feature class into a file geodatabase. I keep getting an error (see attachment to this post) stating that "Xml Parsing failed. Reason: Not enough storage is available to complete this operation."

Can someone clarify how I can resolve this issue? I have tried moving the file geodatabase to another drive with plenty of storage. Furthermore, the feature class with the attachments is not even close to 1GB yet but it, along with the others, will continue to grow, which is why I need to resolve this issue now.


Desktop version 10.1
Windows 7
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