Postgresql upgrade t o10.1

05-04-2013 10:27 AM
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I'm trying to run through the process of upgrading a PostGresql database from version 10.0 to version 10.1.  Here is the process I went through:

1. Using pgAdmin created a backup of the database
2. Upgraded Postgresql to version 9.1.3.
3. Ran through the necessary steps to copy the st_geometry file and the client libraries for direct connection.
4. Ran the Create Enterprise geodatabase tool to add the "sde" user and schema.
5. Using pgAdmin created a new database with the sde user as the owner
6. Using pgAdmin restored the database from the previous backup.
7. Connected to the new database using ArcCatalog.  All of the standalone tables upgraded without any issues.

The problem is all of the feature class appear to contain no data after the restore.  The attached image is the error received when trying to preview feature classes.  Any suggestions?

I've also tried upgrading the geodatabase to 10.1 through ArcCatalog after the restore without any success.

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