Plotting Excel Data w/o Latitude and Longitude

03-12-2018 11:44 AM
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Can I plot Excel data w/o latitude and longitude? File is attached. It contains shape area and shape length, as well as GIS PIN. 

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Since there are a couple of incarnations of OBJECTID columns in there, I would track down the geometry featureclass that the data originated from and perform a Join using conventional methods, or the Add Join tool from within ArcToolbox.  The geometry exists somewhere... your are currently lost without it.

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Thank you, Dan!

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If you can get the original geometry as Dan indicates that would be your best option.  If you just want to see an approximate location, you could geocode the PROP_LOC against some centerline data if you have it.  I'm not sure what the ST_ADDRESS field contains.  Sometimes it's the same as the PROP_LOC, sometimes not...

That should just about do it....
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Thank you, Joe!

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I agree with Dan and Joe. Since you have shape areas, this means you have polygons and cannot really 'plot' these on a map without some sort of coordinates. The shapes would not know what shape to draw.

You can potentially look into 

ArcGIS Maps for Office | ArcGIS 

There are tools in this to map your spreadsheet data. But, you still have to have some plotable features like XY, addresses, etc. 

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Thank you, Adrian!

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Mariel, just know that you are going to burn some credits if you geocode these in Map's for office or if you geocode in ArcMap, because it is using the AGOL geocoder.

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If you had spatial features that included the GIS PIN, you could build your own locator from it using the General - Gazetteer address locator style, where the place name would be mapped to the GIS PIN field. Then you could geocode the spreadsheet based on the value in the GIS PIN field to be able to place the location on a map.

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