Oracle database Arbic problem

07-07-2013 12:50 AM
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We are facing a problem in Oracle Geodatabase, where we are unable to create feature dataset & classes/ with Arabic names.
When I create feature dataset in Oracle Geodatabase its displaying following msg "It item was not found" but feature database is being copied there. but data is not copying after I rename feature dataset and again displaying message "It item was not found" and when i delete feature dataset so that delete easily but after i refresh in geodatabse then All feature dataset come again.
Can you help me out in this problem?

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You didn't provide any information on any of the software in use, but any modern
software should be able to handle this, IF you've configured the database correctly.

What character set did you establish for the database?
What NLS_LANG have you defined on the clients?
Have you verified that you can use the desired character set from SQL*Plus on
both the server and from clients?

You probably want to ask this question in an Oracle forum.  If you do, be sure
to provide complete software version information (e.g., "Oracle server
with client")

- V

PS: You're more likely to get responses to your questions if you don't mark them
as answered (the green check) in the question.
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Thanks for your reply .

Answers to your  queries:


And we are using Oracle database 11g release2 x64 (64-bit)
Oracle database 11g release2 Client x32 (64-bit)
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Okay, so I believe that the WE8MSWIN1252 character set makes that database
instance useless for international  characters.  You need to drop and recreate the
instance, and choose the UTF-8 character  set at creation. Then you need to  set
the NLS_LANG to the appropriate value before loading.  Follow the Oracle
documentation for international character set support.

- V
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Thanks for reply ,

Please can you tell me how can i change UTF-8 character and which one  and also NLS_LANG which one i will use ?
and can you send me any link for Oracle
documentation for international character set support?

Thank you .
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Esri Esteemed Contributor
It's a option on the installation procedure (the advanced installation procedure).

After 25 years as an Oracle DBA, install has become a reflex; I'm not really capable
of describing it to a novice. Besides, Oracle installation details are really outside the
scope of these Esri forums.

If you are going to administer an Oracle geodatabase, you really ought to have some
Oracle administration training.  If Oracle training isn't possible, then I'd suggest using
an RDBMS more suited to casual administration.

- V
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