Obtaining XY coordinates for Top, Right, Bottom, and Left of a Feature Class Extent

11-15-2014 02:46 PM
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I am currently trying to create a feature class that contains polygon features that represent footprints of rasters in a given directory.In order to do this, I must obtain the XY coordinates for each point of extent for each raster. Does anyone know how I could obtain these XY coordinates. Thank you.

-Jacob Snyder

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What you can do is to create a Raster Catalog (in Data Management Tools\Raster\Raster Catalog), then use the Workspace to Raster Catalog tool, and after that the raster catalog can be exported (export footprints, in context sensitive menu of the raster catalog in your TOC).

This will create a polygon featureclass of the extents.

Kind regards, Xander

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