No results for partial street name search

04-22-2014 09:45 AM
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Created a locator in ArcMap (10.2) using the US Address Dual Ranges style and the reference data contains a street name like �??Carlsbad Village�?�.

Would like to know if it is possible to search on �??Carlsbad�?� and have the locator return �??Carlsbad Village�?� addresses.

For example search for �??123 Carlsbad�?� and see the address �??123 Carlsbad Village Dr �?��?� in the results. The only results returned are �??123 Carlsbad St �?��?� addresses.

Adjusted the spelling sensitivity and minimum candidate and match scores to be as low as zero and still get the same results. Only works for �??123 Carlsbad Village�?� search.

Is the full street name required? Does the locator support wild card searches?
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