Need Domain help - trying to code integers for addition

09-19-2014 08:05 AM
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Hi all:


I've been using domains for a while, mostly with text field types.  I'm currently setting up a geodatabase to do some parcel-level analysis and ranking.  I'd like to utilize several domains to add dropdown lists containing 2 or more integers, and I'd like to add these integers toegther at the end to produce a score for each parcel.  I'm having some difficulty with fitting some of my ranking criteria into the domain regime, if you will.  I'd like some of the domains to include a dropdown list of, for example 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 and then add the chosen number into a parcel ranking score.  Is this possible to do with a field type set as a numeric type? If not, will a field type set to text be added into the field calculator sum (I'm guessing not)?



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