My composite address locator is too slow to find a location

06-10-2014 10:00 PM
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I have a trouble to make a composite locator.
I successfully created each locator; one for Placename whose reference data contains the minimum number of fields, POI, X, and Y coordinates, the other for address which is made with the customized style. These two locators works well individually.
However, When I created a composite locator using them, the address searching doesn't work properly. After adding the composite locator, the address finding drops down 20~30 sec, even though I typed a right address on a single address input. Whereas, placename searching is still good, takes less than a second to find right locations.

The composite locator is for a geocode service. So, if it takes 30 seconds to find a single address on a certain website, it is definitely natural for a customer and users to think that the address searching function is broken.

I tried to modify field map when creating composite address locator, but couldn't find right method.
How can I improve the performance?

Here is a snapshot of create composite address locator window,.[ATTACH=CONFIG]34492[/ATTACH]
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