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mxdperfstat for SQL Server with the default instance name

02-12-2014 02:18 AM
New Contributor III

First time I'm trying to use the mxdperfstat on a non-named instance.
Normally I would specify ..... -host <myhost> -instance <myinstance> .... and it works perfectly.
However, specifying only the host ..... -host <myhost> ...... (without the instance name) wouldn't work.

According to this :
Specifying MSSQLSERVER as the instance name wouldn't work, and in fact it doesn't.

Has anybody used mxdperfstat with a default instance name?
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MVP Regular Contributor
I don't know if it is a good replacement, but this ESRI tool:

Calibrating ArcGIS Performance with PerfQAnalyzer: New Build Available for Download

seems more recently maintained (recent update this month), and may do what you want.
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I had the same problem. To fix, use: -host <myhost> -instance " "

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