MrSID - Host on AGOL as Tile Layer

05-12-2022 09:54 AM
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I have a 0.25ft MrSID file from an aeronautical survey for one of our airports. We'd like to use it as our basemap imagery for our web map that drives our Cityworks default map. The tile caches extremely large for the extents were it's needed the most: 2,000 ft scale down to 10-20ft scale. I can bring in ESRI World imagery for extents greater than 2,000ft, but we would like this imagery at the scales mentioned previously. 

Hoping someone has some tips for how to upload imagery to AGOL that doesn't burn thousands of credits. I tried creating a tiling scheme, but it seemed to create an even larger MrSID (on the other of 2TB of storage).

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